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About Us

Experienced Veterinarians

  • Gary Haigh, B.S., D.V.M.:Originally from Oberlin, Ohio. Bachelor of Science Zoology major, 1972. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine,   1977, both from the Ohio State University. True mixed animal practice background. Now focused on small animal, small mammals, poultry, and livestock. With wife, Kathryn M. Haigh, D.V.M., we came to Shelton, WA and started a mixed practice in 1978. We have raised 2 sons in Shelton. Edward joined our practice in 2010. Member of WSVMA and AVMA.  
  • Kathryn M Haigh, D.V.M.:Originally from Henrietta Township, Ohio.  Graduate of The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine 1976. Established the Haigh Veterinary Hospital in Shelton, Washington 1978. Past President of the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association. Elected to the Washington State Legislature in 1998 and formally served in the House of Representatives for 16 years. Member of the Washington State and American Veterinary Medical Associations. Member of Skookum Rotary since 1997. Mixed animal practitioner with a focus on small animals and horses.  
  • Edward Dana Haigh, B.S., D.V.M.: Raised in Shelton, WA.  Bachelor of Science Zoology major, University of Washington 2005. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Washington State University 2010. Edward's focus is small animal, equine, livestock, and aquaculture. Member of WSVMA and AVMA.  

Our Team

  • Technicians - Chelsey and Juli
  • Assistants - Ashley and Kristi 
  • Receptionists - Annie and Katie
  • Kennel Care Assistant - Lola

We Care

    As quality care givers, we believe animals and people have a right to compassion and understanding. We strive to provide assistance in a timely manner, attention to your pet's basic needs, and the best medical care possible within financial capability and commitment by responsible owners and helpful people.
    We hope to provide quality care with a well maintained facility, adequate equipment, inventory of pharmaceuticals and food, as well as a happy and motivated staff.
     We strive to improve and we rely on good communication with our clients to achieve that goal.
     Everyone who works in our practice has made a personal commitment to our clients and patients and we are eager to make your experience the best it can be.
     We are the original owners, have long term employees, and have been in business since 1978.